Template Letter for MPs

Below is a template letter expressing concern over the government's efficiency savings which you can copy and paste (and, if you wish, amend) to send to your MP - either via post or email.

Dear MP

I am deeply concerned about the impact of the government efficiency savings on the NHS which are causing widespread cuts and avoidable patient suffering.

There is growing evidence that these savings are being made through cuts not increases in efficiency. Operations are being delayed, drugs are being denied to patients and health staff are finding difficulty in caring for their patients properly. Experts advise that if we go on with this policy these problems will only worsen. Half of NHS CEOs backed up this concern in a recent survey.

Please encourage the government to stop and rethink this policy. The NHS Support Federation have collected evidence from around the country – www.nhscampaign.org. I think it is very important to make health ministers aware of how this issue is affecting our local services.

I would be very interested to hear your views on this crucial issue and your advice about how we can release this avoidable pressure on our NHS.