10th January 2022

NHS Bill: campaigner insists it is about privatisation
With detailed precision a Liverpool campaigner disects the NHS Bill to show it will further privatise the NHS, but in an underhand way.

How private providers are gorging on NHS budget
With millions on the NHS waiting list the public NHS is impoverished while the private sector thrives. The Tories have thrown £10 billion to private providers for the backlog.

Public NHS is underfunded and overwhelmed
The service was already collapsing long before the arrival of Covid, and there is little sign of it receiving funding it needs. All the headline grabbing announcements of extra funds cannot hide the facts – since 2010 the Tories have destituted the NHS.

Pledge to increase GP staff broken
Only 9,500 of the promised physiotherapists, pharmacists, mental health therapists and other clinical staff so far have been recruited, against the Tory election promise of 26,000.