11th December 2023

Privatisation leads to worse care
A new study by Oxford Social Policy researchers finds that higher mortality rates are linked to an increase in outsourcing of health services to the private for-profit sector. “Health campaigners were fearful that the 2012 Health and Social Care Act would increase the level of for-profit outsourcing, reducing the quality of care received by NHS patients. This study finds that their concerns may well have been justified.”

Streeting: “the NHS uses the winter crisis as…”
...an excuse to ask for more money”. Really? So Wes, there’s an NHS staffing crisis and a 7.7 million patient waiting list; then ask yourself why? Here’s a quote from research by the Health Foundation “Matching spending per head to France or Germany would have led to an additional £40bn and £73bn per year.”

PPE via VIP lane 80% more expensive
PPE was on average 80% more expensive when the government bought it from firms referred through a special “VIP lane”.