11th July 2022

Steve Barclay: ‘vindictive bully, hostile to the NHS’
Never has a politician arrived in the post of health secretary trailing a worse reputation among NHS leaders than Steve Barclay.

40 “new” hospitals: where’s the cash?
Neither 40 nor new, the flagship Johnson policy represents another deceit. Trusts are saying they don’t have funding for the plan. Now it’s facing a National Audit Office investigation. Here’s the truth.

Ridiculous NHS ‘savings’ targets
NHS England has warned of cuts to services if it is not given extra funding for staff pay-rises above 3 per cent. The government demand ‘efficiency savings’ that really mean cuts to services.

UK workers with long Covid ‘abandoned’
The rate of Covid-19 caused by workplace exposure is around four times higher in health and social care workers compared to other workers. Two doctors express their disgust at the way healthcare workers with Long Covid have been treated; some are now vulnerable to disciplinary absence procedures, and loss of employment, career and income.

Female doctors launch campaign against mysogyny
Female doctors have launched an online campaign to expose gender-based discrimination, harassment and sexual assault in healthcare. More than 40 stories have been shared on the campaign’s website, ranging from sexual harassment by patients to inappropriate remarks and sexual advances from supervisors.