13th September 2022

NHSE: ‘stop negative narrative’
The chief strategy officer has called for the negative news to stop. Well, funding the health service adequately allowing the 50,000 nurse vacancies to be filled would soon do that…and repairing hospitals that are a danger to patients would enable a positive story to be told.

Record 6.8 million waiting for hospital treatment
Long waits for care, diagnostic tests and hospital beds showed that Britain’s new prime minister “inherits an NHS in critical condition”.

Low-paid workforce could leave in droves
Nurses have said “‘We’re not important to the government. We were seen as important during the pandemic, but we’re not important now. We don’t think the government will do anything for us”.

Test and Trace contract scandal, list revealed
The government said ‘there was no high priority lane for testing suppliers’. We now know this was a lie, there was a fast-track ‘VIP lane’ route to securing lucrative Test and Trace contracts, with politically-connected companies, all who have links to Conservative Ministers and Peers.