14th March 2022

NHS waiting times now longest on record
Shielded by the pandemic, the government have allowed waiting times, across the board, to increase to record levels. Cancer waiting times targets have fallen to their worst ever level, and the number of people waiting for operations such as hip and knee replacements has risen again to just over 6.1 million. No wonder SOSNHS is calling for £20 billion emergency funding.

Petition for NHS emergency funding
This petition, for £20 billion extra funding plus 2 other key demends, has attracted over 100,000 signatures. Please sign up and pass on to others to get to 200K, and share on social media.

There’ll be no increase in funding for workforce
There’s the usual HSJ paywall here, but in essence Javid has said any investment to increase NHS staffing levels recommended by the forthcoming long-term workforce plan will need to be funded from within existing budget. In other words, current staff shortages will continue.