15th April 2024

“Fund the NHS properly!”
“If Wes Streeting is seeking solutions to the problems in the NHS, he should commit to a significant pay rise for NHS staff, he should commit investment to fix crumbling buildings, and he should commit to ending private outsourcing” says Dr Julia Grace Patterson, chief executive of the Every Doctor campaign.

End private hospital deaths, invest in the NHS
The government has sent NHS patients to get operations in private hospitals, funded by taxpayers. Labour backs this policy. The vast majority of private hospitals do not have intensive care units, meaning that if patients develop complications there, their lives are in danger. View the Panorama investigation here.

Maternity delays cause thousands of safety alert
Maternity departments are raising thousands of safety reports every year about delayed inductions of labour. Nearly half of all hospital maternity services covered so far by a national inspection programme have been rated as substandard.

Patients not on waiting lists due to A&G
Advice and Guidance (A&G) is a device GPs are urged to use to sideline patients who otherwise would be referred to hospitals.