15th November 2022

NHS staff ‘petrified’ of the coming winter
Staff fear services will not be able to cope with a combination of flu and a resurgent Covid. This against the backdrop of a record 7.1 million people waiting to start treatment.

Nurses vote to strike as pay is ‘laughable’
Mental health nurse – ‘The only option is to withdraw labour‘; staff nurse ‘We’ve been undewrpaid for years’; senior nurse ‘We’re striking for patients’.

Nurses amongst foodbank users
Nurses, shop assistants and youth workers are among large numbers of people in low-paid jobs forced for the first time to accept charity food parcels.

Hunt ‘knows’ but will still make NHS cuts
The man most responsible for the dire state of the NHS now as Chancellor says there must be more ‘efficiencies’, aka cuts.

NHSE demands ICS board signoff of over £50K
NHS England has set out a raft of new conditions that over-spending trusts must follow, including sign-off from their integrated care board for all revenue investments over £50,000. Doesn’t that mean all expenditures?

NHS steals nurses from places of desparate shortage
A quarter of all new nurses in the UK were trained in poorer countries with more severe staffing shortages. Shouldn’t we train our own? And shouldn’t we reinstate a proper nurse bursary – please sign this petition?