16th October 2023

Wes Streeting solution for the NHS
The Labour health secretary said only primary care would receive any available extra funding in a new Labour government. Keep Our NHS Public response is that the NHS as a whole, is now dealing with the dire consequences of over a decade of severe underfunding – all services in the NHS need extra funding, especially hospitals.

NHS bosses dismiss Streeting’s waiting list claim
Health leaders and unions reply to Streeting that Labour could clear 7.7 million from the NHS waiting lists without a significant increase in funding. A future government “…will not get record patient waiting lists down while the NHS is short of tens of thousands of nursing staff” said the Royal College of Nursing.

It was clear the NHS would be overwhelmed
Prof Medley, professor of infectious disease modelling and a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) told the Covid inquiry that it was clear by February 2020 an epidemic was about to hit us. The government permitted mass gatherings in the first part of March 2020, including a Six Nations  match and the Cheltenham horseracing festival.

Carillion 6 years on …nothing has changed
The collapse of Carillion left hospital construction unfinished. Carillion had exposed the big four auditors as a “cosy club incapable of providing the degree of independent challenge needed”. Where is the promised new financial reporting regulator?