17th December 2022

Nurse for 15 years: “Why I’m striking”
“Staff are witnessing first hand a catastrophic breakdown of services that has left us with vacancies hitting 135,000 and patients in danger. …one in three ambulance staff said they had been involved in a delay that had resulted in a person dying”.

“We cannot go on like this”
Nurses are using food banks; others are sharing homes so that only one is heated; nurses are bobbing around Liverpool looking for good charity shops to buy toys for their kids.

Government refuses to negotiate nurses pay
Ministers have rebuffed an offer by nursing unions to suspend their strikes in return for negotiations on pay. Clerverly said “…pay is decided by an independent pay body.” What nonsense! The government could, if it had an ounce of compassion, offer more.

Support for nurses strike at its highest
A Yougov poll reveals that 64% of those polled say they support the nurses strike; 28% oppose it.

Decade of neglect of the NHS
A “decade of neglect” by successive Conservative administrations has weakened the health service to the point that it will not be able to tackle the 7 million backlog of care, a government-commissioned report has concluded.