17th February 2022

Why no NHS staffing plan?
Sajid Javid has announced a delivery plan to tackle the backlog in an NHS that has 100,000 vacancies including about 8,000 medical and 40,000 nursing professionals. All successful organisations rely on long-term workforce planning to meet demand, so why do we treat the NHS and social care as an exception

Doctors call for action on racial inequality report
Health officials have paid lip service to racism in the NHS for years, but that has got us nowhere. The voices calling for real action come from all dirtections.

A depressing analysis of the NHS Bill
Peter Roderick and Allyson Pollock reveal the awful truth about the government’s NHS Bill – it’s the end of the Bevan model of high quality comprehensive healthcare.

Do you know what PHM is?
The NHS Bill introduces Population Health Management into the NHS. To quote NHS England “PHM uses data to understand what factors are driving poor outcomes in different population groups”. But don’t we know already what these are – poor diet, inadequate housing, lack of exercise, occupational factors? Here, a campaigner takes the PHM’s advocates to task.

Dido Harding’s appointment was unlawful
Well, did you expect otherwise? Yet another example of Johnson government illegal trickery; well done the Good Law Project.