17th September 2023

Dilapidated hospitals regularly shut
NHS England’s deputy chief executive told the House of Commons public accounts committee that some hospitals are so dilapidated that they regularly have to shut wards and operating theatres to safeguard patients’ safety; such are the problems caused by hospitals being left structurally unsound.

Rational approach to NHS funding
“What works? Comparison with other healthcare systems shows that the (pre-underfunded) fundamental NHS business model is the gold standard, the pre-eminent healthcare system in the world. What went wrong? The evidence shows that the principal reason for the current fall-off in service levels is chronic and severe underfunding.” A report by a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

“Improve mental health funding or children die”
A coroner says unless mental health services are funded better more children will die. Mental health has sufferd cuts in funding since 2010.

NHS funding the private sector is senseless
“…taking NHS staff away, diverting NHS funding, cherry picking non-complex care and using the NHS to send back complications from private treatment. It is NHS capacity that must urgently be rebuilt.”