18th July 2022

BMA chair: “doctors strike inevitable”
Professor Philip Banfield, the new chair of the BMA, said that a doctor’s strike is “inevitable” and will expose how dangerously threadbare the Conservatives have left the health service. “The public is already witnessing an NHS that’s disintegrating in places.”

Doctors dispute claim Covid caused NHS crisis
Senior doctors have drawn up a dossier refuting Sajid Javid’s claim that the pressures on the NHS were created by the Covid pandemic. It is disingenuous of this government to claim the waiting lists … with NHS care at the moment are due to Covid. They have been building for a decade.”

ICS’s and fantasy economics
ICSs are expected to make “efficiency savings” of 5% – this means cuts to services, nurse vacancies left unfilled, at a time when there are already 110,000 NHS vacancies.

The state of a mental health service
Read this harrowing personal account of working with a disturbed youngster in our threadbare mental health service. It doesn’t have to be like this, mental health services have been cut repeatedly.

NHS staffing crisis: doctors forced to work extra shifts
Junior doctors are are being sent home from daytime shifts and told to come back and work overnight in the latest stark illustration of the NHS’s crippling staff shortage.