19th July 2021

GPs refuse to hand over data
Some GPs are refusing to hand over patients’ data to NHS Digital unless the Department of Health and Social Care for England commits to a list of demands about patient consent and confidentiality.

NHS Bill will add risks due to Covid and winter flu
There’s an HSJ paywall but in this article an ICS leader says there are demanding changes that will take place in the second half of 2021 that are difficult for NHS partners who will need to transition large numbers of staff. What “transition” does she envisage I wonder?

Hostile environment left fearful NHS patients avoiding treatment
Patients at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust faced bills of thousands of pounds while living on benefits or without any income. The trust referred 1,085 debts more than any other trust. Under government rules all NHS Trusts have a statutory obligation to identify patients who are not entitled to free NHS treatment and to charge them.

The NHS Bill: Treasury power grab and more privatisation
The bill imposes an iron grip on costs in terms of cash for local NHS services, whilst dramatically watering down the public’s rights to what healthcare we have a right to receive.

Trust chief told by NHSE not to warn of 19th July unlock
There’s a paywall here, but in essence three CEO of NHS trusts have been refused permission to warn that unlocking risks putting unsustainable pressure on the NHS by increasing the number of covid positive patients.

Firm with links to Hancock given VIP treatment
Emails between Department of Health officials appear to contradict denials of a VIP or “fast track” process for firms with political connections. The Animal Health Trust based in Newmarket, Hancock’s constituency, was given a contract.