19th June 2024

“NHS would be worse off” with both
An assessment by the respected Nuffield Trust of NHS policies of both Labour and Conservatives says the level of funding increases would leave them struggling to pay existing staff costs, let alone the bill for planned increases in doctors and nurses in the workforce plan agreed last year.

“Destabilising NHS eye care”
The percentage of NHS cataracts delivered by the private for-profit sector has increased from 24% in 2018-19 to 55% in 2022-23. The Royal National Institute of Blind People said the use of private providers is having a “destabilising effect on NHS eye care services”. The Royal College of Ophthalmologists says that while the independent sector has “continued to expand to a level where there’s less and less benefit and more and more cost”.

Privatised to a “dodgy US firm”
The Camberwell Satellite Dialysis Unit provides excellent care and that the staff are like family to their patients but it’s now being outsourced to US giant Diaverum. A CQC report from April 2023 into one “inadequate” dialysis centre run by Diaverum found it had risked disease transmission by not keeping dialysis lines clean, among a litany of other failures.

Private health get £10 million profit per week
We Own It analysis reports that £6.7 billion, or £10 million a week, has left the NHS’s budget in the form of private profits on all private contracts given by the NHS from January 2012 to May 2024. Ask your prospective MP “Isn’t it time there was a cross-party consensus against NHS outsourcing in the next parliament?”