1st May 2024

NHS crisis: its causes and its remedy
A university proferssor tells us “…The [NHS] crisis is manufactured by the government… advocating real cuts in wages and public services….The healthcare crisis is a political choice not an economic necessity. Governments which can fund wars, bailout banks and subsidise corporations can also save lives and improve the quality of life of their citizens.”

Private equity & NHS privatisation
Private equity, partnerships of rich investors who buy and manage companies for a relatively quick return, run over half the NHS inpatient beds for children and teenagers with mental health problems, and almost all of the secure beds for adults.

“Only Labour can restore the NHS”
says Dan Poulter, Labour’s new MP. But will it? From what Wes Streeting says it seems unilkely. Here are two recent comments by Streeting “NHS uses winter crisis to ask for more money” and “Labour will use private healthcare” and criticised ‘middle class lefties”.

The way physician assistants will be used?
Such is the state of our education service that teaching assistants regularly cover for teachers. Is this how physician assistants are, or are going to be, used?