20th August 2021

Tory donor and PCR tests scandal
Dodgy PCR tests offered by 1Rapid Clinics happens to be owned by Conservative donor Dr Ashraf Chohan. There’s a trail of unhappy holidaymakers complaining that the testing kits, or the results from those kits, often failed to arrive as promised.
Cameron lobbied for private contracts
David Cameron met with the UK’s vaccine minister less than two months before the UK arm of Illumina Inc, which pays him for his advice, won £870,000-worth of public contracts. Cameron has claimed that his role at the company is simply to promote the benefits of genome sequencing.

GP surgeries ‘at breaking point’
The Royal College of GPs has warned that general practice clinics is cracking under the pressure of unsustainable workloads unless the government ramps up the recruitment of medical staff and takes steps to reduce burnout.