22nd May 2023

23000 deaths in A&E’s in 2022
Here’s the facts for 2022: 1. more than 1.5 million people were left waiting in A&E for over four hours; 2. nearly 350,000 had to wait more than 12 hours; 3. 23,000 people had died, an increase of more than 20% on 2021, and nearly 40% on 2020.

Third of ICSs fail to balance their budgets
Integrated Care Systems (ICS) are first and foremost about making organisations within an ICS work together in order to reduce patients’ use of NHS services and save money. Under the Health and Social Care Act 2022 each ICS must submit financial plans to NHS England to meet the funding NHSE provides. A third of the 42 in England have failed to do so.

NHS still waiting for £1 billion promised in 2017
In 2017 the NHS was promised £2.7 billion for capital spending, primarily on buildings. Now 5 years later, the NHS is still waiting for more than half of it. Still, it got a media headline, didn’t it!

Hancock: emails reveal Tory donor contacts
WhatsApp messages and emails between Tory donors and Matt Hancock reveal the extent of ministerial access they enjoyed when government Covid contracts were being awarded.