23rd April 2024

Privatised ugent treatment centres
It’s likely you have a clinic within your local A&E set up to take minor injuries. These are UTCs and it’s also likely that it’s run by a private company. One such company, Totally PLC, runs 11 urgent treatment centres, including at London’s King’s College, West Middlesex, Woolwich Queen Elizabeth and Orpington Princess Royal hospitals.

The NHS is deliberately under funded
Yes it is, read here. The government confuses people  by saying the NHS gets record funding. But this isn’t enough. We must fund the NHS to the level of comparable economies and rebuild health services. Raising taxes by equalising capital gains with income tax rates could raise £15.2 billion a year.

NHS: a jewel of socialist solidarity
The principles underlying the creation of the NHS continue to exemplify social solidarity; comprehensive health care for all, publicly owned and provided, funded from progressive taxation. Prior to the Thatcher governments there was a broad consensus regarding the nature of the NHS.  Since then there has been a slow conversion to market principles, leading to its fall in international comparison of health systems.

Scale of NHS problems facing Labour
The social destruction of austerity has created a health deficit that may prove more onerous to shift than the national debt.Labour people admit it may take more than one term to restore the NHS to its peak state of 2010, when it recorded its shortest waiting times and highest satisfaction”.