23rd March 2022

The real state of the NHS
“The government must first be honest about the crisis conditions inside the NHS, and then commit to resourcing an urgent and long-term expansion of frontline staff, future-proofing the NHS against new waves of Covid.”

And then the Tories response to this crisis
Former investment banker Javid called for more so-called “efficiency savings”, cuts in everyday language. One hospital trust said savings of this order have never been delivered by the NHS.

Coperforma scandal: some money repaid
The privatised patient transport service in Sussex collapsed in 2016;. It was a disaster; the CCGs stepped in to pay wages at one point when some of the subcontractors ceased operating. Legal proceedings have weedled an inadequate sum from the Hong Kong parent company.

Most new testing centres may not exist
The health secretary last month claimed 69 new centres are ‘up and running’. Of only 17 sites confirmed to be set up, most appeared to have extensive private involvement. At least one is the joint project of a private equity firm whose parent company has a Conservative Party donor on its board of directors.