23rd October 2023

Strikes: Suddenly the government wants talks
Having insisted that their offer is independently assessed and final, the government has agreed to meet junior doctors for talks aimed at ending the strike.

A clear analysis of NHS underfunding
“It’s quite clear that unless Labour increases NHS spending it will find itself in charge as performance in some areas slumps even further, buildings crumble and collapse and there is an exodus of burnt out and demoralised staff”. John Lister of Keep Our NHS Public gives the figures that identify the crises, NHS service by NHS service, and tells of the primary cause – chronic deliberate underfunding.

A vision for a National Health Service
“The NHS model has not failed the population; it is the Government that has failed the NHS“…. “stop the diversion of billions to private hospitals and fund the NHS to succeed.”

Cash crisis in ICBs
Integrated Care Boards that now run local NHS services are in a deep financial mess. With few exceptions ICBs, and acute hospital trusts, are facing huge financial problems, forcing consideration of ever-larger scale “efficiency savings”, outright cuts and “unpalatable measures” as they struggle to stretch inadequate budgets to meet tough targets.