24th May 2024

Call to renationalise our NHS
Keep Our NHS Public calls for an end to a) privatisation, b) the myth that privatisation brings efficiency and c) the diversion of NHS funding into private hospitals. The model of a comprehensive NHS, when publicly provided, was ranked the best health care systems in the world – but no longer.

Privatised equipment supplier blamed
NRS was awarded the contract last April. Both Whittington Healthcare Trust and South East London ICB complained saying people awaiting hospital discharge were receiving the wrong equipment or seeing it delivered late.

Hospitals are leaving more patients in corridors
More and more UK hospitals are leaving patients in corridors due to a lack of bed space. A patient counted 13 other patients alongside him on a corridor at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

Half of nurses plan to quit
Almost half of nurses in England plan to quit or are considering it. Excessive levels of pressure and pay are the issues prompting the 45% of nurses surveyed by the Roayl College of Nursing say they are considering quitting.

Private equity’s profiteering
Social care directors and campaigners accused businesses of profiteering from children’s social care. With councils on the verge of bankruptcy it’s revealed that 863 homes providing care for vulnerable children are owned by investment companies, including private equity, venture capital and foreign funds.