24th November 2022

NHS budget compared to EU countries
Over the past decade the UK has spent less on both day-to-day care and investment spending on health care compared with the average EU14 countries. This is mirrored by lower capacity and fewer physical resources. If the UK had matched EU levels of spending day-to-day running costs would have been £39 billion higher each year.

4 hour A&E target retained
The goverment has ditched any change in A&E targets. Trusts will continue to be regulated against the existing four-hour standard as well as 12-hour trolley waits.

Nurse: “Here’s why I’m going on strike”
Everyone now appears angry and focused.…. Staff are witnessing first hand a catastrophic breakdown of services with vacancies hitting 135,000 and patients in danger.” “Enough is enough“.

UK has second highest maternity death rate in EU
Mothers in the UK are three times more likely to die in pregnancy compared with those in Norway.

NHS set up to fail by under resourcing
Between 2010 and 2015 the NHS budget grew by an average of just 0.9% a year creating an unprecedented squeeze when rises of around 4% were needed to keep pace with population needs and advances in treatment and technology.