25th April 2022

Campaign to send letters to your ICS
There are two campaigns aimed at sending letters to your local ICS, demanding a commitment to maintaining a comprehensive health service and no private sector representatives on ICS boards and committees. Please join in, it’s your health service. One is by WeOwnIt, and other by Keep Our NHS Public.

“New” hospitals builds revealed
You might remember that trusts were ordered to call any new extension, e.g. a new hospital wing, a “new” hospital. Now the specific order in which the “new” hospitals will be built has been published.

Councils pay £1 million a year for care placements
Private providers have been accused of making “obscene” profits out of some of society’s most vulnerable children, as local authorities reveal they are being quoted as much as £50,000 a week (£2.6m a year) for one child. Council owned or jointly owned childrens homes must be cheaper, this is market ideology madness.

Tory waiting lists drive patients to private treatment
After 12 years of Conservative NHS underfunding massive record-breaking waiting lists are forcing patients, at least those that can afford it, to pay for private treatment.

Hancock’s stay at home of firm mired in Owen Paterson scandal
Randox donated £160,000 to the Conservative party between 2010 and 2018. It hired Paterson as a consultant, paying him £100,000 a year. Now it’s revealed former health secretary Matt Hancock was given an overnight stay at a country estate owned by the head of Randox.