26th September 2022

How ICSs will exploit staff
Sinister aspects of how Integrated Care is planning to manipulate staff are revealed in this NHS England document. Quite how it will pan out I suspect that nobody in government can foretell, but it has a disturbing ring to it.

NHSE abandons patients safety targets
The governments instructs trusts to abandon patients safety target amid record staff vacancies and ineptitude in staff planning.

Doctor burnout risks patient safety
Research reveals the how patient safety is at risk with overworked doctors suffering from burnout. Burned-out medics are also much more likely to consider quitting, regret choosing medicine as their career, be dissatisfied with their job. In a comment piece a GP says her job now is ‘impossible to do well’.

Government contracts and tax havens
One in every six public procurement contracts, including those for the NHS, issued by the government over a five-year period were won by businesses with connections to a tax haven.