27th December 2023

Ophthalmology risks becoming largely privatised
Royal College of Ophthalmologists’ has said a review needed to look at the entire commissioning process and argued generous tariff rates for cataracts were resulting in some patients with very mild cataracts getting surgery at the expense of other patients going blind, which he said was just wrong.

Palantir offices shut down
Hundreds of health workers have shut down the London HQ of Palantir in protest at the awarding of NHS contracts to a company complicit in Israel’s ‘ongoing genocide in Gaza’.

“Going to be  a terrible winter”
The warning signs were clear: the NHS was starting to slide into another winter crisis. So observed a Unison branch chair and paramedic for nearly four decades. Sunak has reneged on promises to slash long waiting times with a promise of thousands more beds, 800 new ambulances and an expansion of community care backed by a dedicated fund of £1 billion.

Private equity profiteering on care homes
Close to one in four places in a children’s care home in England now ultimately have the involvement of an investment company. One private equity group had pre-tax profits last year of £27.7 million.

Mone and the morals of the super rich
Here’s a number of readers’ letters on the PPE Michelle Mone scandal. “If Michelle Mone thinks it’s not a crime to lie to the press, then in that spirit, I’d like to say what a warm and wonderful human being she is.” Gove has said he’s cooperating with the inquiry.