27th November 2023

NHS underfunding caused 112 deaths
The Patients Association says “These data are alarming and show quite clearly the human impact the crisis in the NHS is having on individual patients”. Almost 8,000 people were harmed and 112 died last year as a direct result of enduring long waits for an ambulance or surgery.

The Federated Data Platform (FDP) disaster
NHS England has announced it’s giving the £480m contract, to develop a massive heath data store, to US spy tech firm Palantir. NHS England says patients do not need to be given an opt-out because their data will be anonymised before it is shared, but a) date of birth, gender, postcode are too important to be changed, and b) do you trust Palantir with your data?

FDP: Demand a public debate
We are being denied the right to opt out of the FDP, a right made even more acute by the awarding of the contract to Palantir. Email the government to demand a public debate about our right to opt out.

Integrated Care’s priority – withholding funding
Integrated Care Systems have been instructed to make yet further cuts in plans for their regions NHS care while government ministers pretend the NHS should be able to provide comprehensive healthcare.

NHS Long Term Plan dilemma
What the Long Term Plan demands as opposed to the real NHS budget allocation presents a dilemma for next year’s election winning party.