27th September 2021

NHS Bill: MP tells the truth
In a Westminster Hall debate MP Richard Burgon spells out the real issues on the new NHS Bill – care limited by capped finance, leading to a privatised service dictated by corporate power and health service given by deregulated, i.e. poorly trained, carers.

Johnson’s NI tax rise swallowed up by NHS
Such is the desperate state of the NHS with a decade under-funding that the Institute for Fiscal Studies’ prediction comes amid warnings from NHS leaders that the government’s planned boost to the service’s budget “falls far short of what is needed”.

Major services ‘fragile and challenged’
This behind a paywall, but in essence a report on health services in Sussex stating the majority of planned care across the Sussex acute providers is in a ‘fragile and challenged’ state. A comment at the bottom says it’s true in every system in the country.

Asylum-seeker given a £100K NHS bill
Simba Mujakachi has lived in the UK since childhood but isn’t permitted NHS care under the hostile environment rules. He wasn’t allowed a cheap drug for his blood pressure, had a stroke resulting in emergency treatment and got this huge bill from a Sheffield NHS trust.