28th July 2021

Nurses pay falls 7% even after pay offer
Figures produced by the TUC show that NHS workers pay will have dropped by over 7% in real terms in just over a decade, even after factoring in the 3% rise offered last week.

NHS workers “Do more for less”
Is £26000 a good enough wage? Nurse Niaomi Gordon explains why it isn’t. They are risking their lives, there are 100,000 vacancies in the NHS, largely left unfilled owing to underfunding causing excessive workload.

Test and Trace civil servants paid more than £200,000
Department of Health and Social Care officers are paid handsomely for their work on our “world-beating” Test and Trace system. This isn’t included in the £37 billion paid to private companies like Serco.

Sage scientist “accused ministers of allowing infections to rip”
After the remaining Covid restrictions were eased, Professor Robert West said rhetoric about caution is ‘a way of putting blame on public’. He stated the government was allowing infections to rip through the younger population in an effort to bolster levels of immunity before the NHS faces winter pressures.

GP surgeries are rejecting migrants
A survey reveals that more than two-thirds of the GPs they contacted rejected attempts to register without proof of address, identification, or legal immigration status.

Councils state their conditions for ICS
There’s a paywall here, but local authorities in Cheshire and Merseyside have written to their ICS stating, amongst other points, that NHS spending should be determined in partnership with local government and local access to the “full range of NHS services” should be guaranteed to all communities. I suspect the ICS can’t guarantee these.

Well respected GP campaigner dies
Politicians and campaigners lead tributes to Dr Kailash Chand. “The staunchest supporters of our national health service”, “fearless defender of our NHS campaigning against privatisation”, “the most committed and passionate NHS campaigner that I have ever met.”