28th November 2022

Why is the NHS in crisis?
This article lists the reasons why the NHS is in crisis. “Why has this government failed to provide any NHS workforce plan for 12 years? Why did they cut 4,000 nurse training places in 2010 and suspend medical school expansion? Why did they end the NHS student bursary in 2017? Why did they deliberately underfund and understaff the NHS to the point where there are 132,000 vacancies?”

Nurses announce strike dates
For the first time in its history Royal College of Nursing has announced that nurses will strike on 15th and 20th December. The average experienced nurse is around £10K per year worse off now than in 2012. RCN boss said “My offer of formal negotiations was declined and instead ministers have chosen strike action. They have the power to stop this by opening serious talks that address our dispute.”

Brexit caused shortage of doctors
Official figures show that Brexit has worsened the UK’s acute shortage of doctors in key areas of care and led to more than 4,000 European doctors choosing not to work in the NHS.

Ambulance service in meltdown
Ambulance officers warned that patients were dying every day because of the delays. The service could no longer perform its role as a safety net for people needing urgent medical help.