29th May 2023

Private sector can’t solve the waits
John Lister summarizes how the use of the private sector can only have only a limited impact on tackling NHS backlog.

Fortunes earned on PPE contracts
This businessman has made a fortune supplying PPE during the pandemic even though the NHS may be unable to use millions of the gowns his company delivered. And here’s a US banker who was paid a £73 million dividend in 2021 after his firm won hundreds of millions in Covid contracts.

A fair analysis of Starmer’s NHS policy
There’s some promise but a) he reiterates a commitment to private sector delivery b) there must be a substantial funding increase and c) to deliver on increased staff numbers he must offer restorative pay increases. 

Barclay admits to 40 new hospitals lies
He admits not all the hospitals are “brand new”, and some are merely new wings or refurbishments. Many won’t be built by 2030 as promised.

Capitalism and the rise in mental illness
We live in a social and economic system at odds with both our psychology and our neurology ….what if it’s not us who are sick but a system at odds with us as social beings?