31st January 2024

Are you listening Streeting?
What a disaster it is to have Streeting as a potential health secretary. He has accused the NHS – who exactly? – of using “every winter crisis… as an excuse to ask for more money” and for Labour to avoid “nostalgia about the NHS”. The common sense view comes from senior medics who actually work in the NHS – [its] facing an “existential threat” because of years of underinvestment, serious staff shortages and the demands of the ageing population.

The rational guide to the NHS
Over time, the NHS has been the clear top-performer. “When it is again properly-funded, the NHS will again hold a pre-eminent position. The UK spent the least per capita on healthcare in 2017 compared with all other countries studied”.

Crumbling hospitals cause medical delays
Hospitals in England are being hit with disruptions to patients’ care more than 100 times every week because of fires, leaks and problems created by outdated buildings

Government lies and the long legacy of Covid
Michelle Mone and her yacht, Boris Johnson and his parties and Dominic Cummings and the eye test at Barnard Castle – greed, fecklessness and dishonesty.