4th December 2023

Misuse of FDP data: patients concern
The contract to build a Federated Data Platform, a massive store of all of our health information, has been given to Palantir. A survey reveals a growing fear, confusion, mistrust about how their data is handled.

FDP and Palantir: a summary
If you need information on what the Federated Data Platform is and the US military intelligence firm that has been given the contract to build it, it’s here.

The case for a unified database of health data
Using volunteer health data, UK Biobank shows how healthcare can be improved by data. Doctors will be able to identify patients according to their individual risks. Those at greatest risk of cancer, heart disease and dementia, for example, could be put forward for earlier screening, leading to better treatment and prevention. But should we trust Palantir with our data?

Doctor who fought for Covid transparency
Moosa Qureshi has been working to force ministers to publish results on pandemic preparedness. The withheld papers show that political leaders had not shared plans or guidance for healthcare rationing with NHS staff when hospitals became overwhelmed.