5th February 2024

PAs increase a GP’s workload
A BMA survey found that 55% of doctors have found that Physician Assistants increase their workloads, even though they were sold as a way of reducing them, and, 87% of doctors who took part said the way PAs and AAs (Anaesthetist Assisants) is always or sometimes a risk to patient safety.

The appalling state of dentistry
There are now ‘dental deserts’ all over the UK. As a result thousands of people now flock to A&E or GPs each year for treatment.

How the NHS is being privatised
Read about all the ways that the NHS has, and is being privatised from PFI, outsourcing services, Independent Sector Treatment Centres (ISTCs), NHS Foundation Trusts, the ATMS contract and the privatisation of general practice, the Choose and Book scheme, the Health and Social Care Act 2012, NHS Property Services Ltd (PropCo), Commissioning Support Units, Health Systems Support Framework and Integrated Care Systems. If we still had an entirely publicly-run fully integrated NHS, would it be in the state it’s in now?