7th February 2023

RCN: “Match Wales and we’ll call it off”
…but Sunak won’t! He’s boxed himself into a corner and he can’t back down, otherwise the right of his parliamentary party will slaughter him. Meanwhile just visit a hospital picket line, the passing traffic honking is deafening, public support is still strong.

Deadlock over strikes “putting patients at risk”
Deadlock over NHS pay is putting patients in danger say chief nurses. Unions have warned that the government is making no moves towards resolving the strikes; One general secretary accuses the government of lying about negotiating.

Sunak’s NHS solution, “Ramp up private medicine”
Sunak’s ideas are to leave the NHS struggling with underfunding and to pump more of the NHS budget into private provision.

US health system on it’s way to UK?
With so-called Integrated Care arriving, just re-badged US Accoutable Care, this writer examines the world’s most inefficient and unfair heath service, the US’s.

Is Ireland’s system so great?
Sajid Javid sang the praises of fees for GP and hospital visits. “Take Ireland where some people are entitled to free healthcare based on household income.” But is Ireland’s health system as good as he claims?