7th June 2023

Cameron years left UK ‘totally unprepared’
The TUC says what we all know, that austerity wrought by Cameron and Osborne left the UK unprepared for the pandemic. They brought not only unsafe staffing in public services and a broken safety net, but funding cuts that caused poverty and therefore greater risks of exposure to Covid-19.

UK spent less on health than rest of Europe
In every year between 2010 and 2019 the UK would have had to spend an additional £73 billion more to match Germany’s spending per person, and £40 billion extra every year to match France.

A decade of neglect
40 new hospitals would be built in England by 2040 was a key manifesto pledge by Boris Johnson in 2019. But the £20 billion so far committed by ministers is only just over half of the estimated need of £37 billion and this doesn’t take account of spiralling building material costs.

Stop Palantir’s NHS data take over
The government intends to let Palantir create a huge ‘Federated Data Platform’ of patient records; but Palantir’s recent history tells us they are totally unfit to be trusted with our health data. Sign the petition and pass on.