7th March 2022

NHS vacancies: 39,652 nurses and 8,158 doctors
Here’s the latest report from NHS Digital. The staffing crisis is the number one NHS issue, and the government ignores it while pumping money into the private health sector.

Scandal of NHS charging pregnant women
Vulnerable migrant and asylum-seeking women with no recourse to public funds are being issued huge bills ahead of giving birth or aggressively pursued for payments during their pregnancy.

Privatisation: Johnson lies, then the truth
Watch a short video of, firstly, johnson saying “absoultely, there will be no privatisation of the NHS”, and then evidence of the increasing privatisation of the NHS since the notorious Health and Social Care Act 2010.

Number of 12 hour waits set to rocket
The HSJ article is behind a paywall. However, changes set out in the NHS Standard Contract for 2022-23 will see 12 hour waits measured from point of arrival instead of decision to admit will expose the true number of long waits hidden by current reporting rules.

NHS ombudsman: “flaws in NHS Bill”
The ombudsman said the NHS Bill would force an investigation into healthcare scandal to “operate behind a curtain of secrecy” and undermine his investigations into lapses in patient safety and could deny grieving families the full truth about why a loved one died.