8th March 2023

The NHS is being privatised!
Imported from the US, Intgrated Care Systems now run your NHS. From July to December 2022, over 2000 private companies received over £2 billion. NHS monies are flowing to private companies, including firms with a dismal track record in the UK and some whose US parents have faced multi-million pound penalties from state and federal authorities.

NHS crisis: demonstrate your anger this Saturday
We do not need to remind you about the unprecedented crisis in the NHS, but we do need to ensure our voice is heard. We also stand by NHS staff forced to take strike action and seek to expose the political choices this Government is making to underfund and privatise the NHS.

The corruption of US medicine by the quest for profit
“The perversion of healthcare, particularly medical care, by an explicit profit motive leads to the US having both the greatest cost and the worst health outcomes of the wealthy countries of the world.” This, without a return to the founding principles of the NHS, is where we are headed.

The state of dentistry in the UK
Referring to the hypocrisy of Tory NHS policy, the author says “… you stoutly proclaim your undying commitment to the service while starving it of funds until it collapses.”

Half ambulance workers seen patients die
Three-quarters of those surveyed said that delays had an impact on patient care every day. And over half said they had spent an entire shift waiting outside an A&E to hand a patient over to hospital staff.