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3rd October 2022

Bonfire of employment rights
NHS workers are likely to be affected by the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill that passed through the Commons on 22nd September. It requires civil servants to review EU laws before they are retained. It's inconceivable that civil servants will be able to review that volume of legislation in time for ministers to decide they want to keep by the deadline of 31 December 2023.

Nurses not eating to feed their children
A survey has found that some staff are missing lunch, are stopping contributing to their NHS pension in order to free up cash, cannot fill up their cars because of petrol price rises and have mental health issues due to the stress of paying their bills.

The NHS is in crisis
Letters describing the senselessness of offering NHS patients private healthcare to why GP trainees will opt for part-time work.

US hospitals bought up by private equity
How in the US private equity is buying up hospitals and nursing homes, loading them with debt and pocketing the proceeds. Should we expect the NHS end up like this?

Dangerous roofs not fixed until 2023
Hospital roofs found to be in a dangerous condition won't be repaired until 2023. One is in Liz Truss's constitruency.

26th September 2022

How ICSs will exploit staff
Sinister aspects of how Integrated Care is planning to manipulate staff are revealed in this NHS England document. Quite how it will pan out I suspect that nobody in government can foretell, but it has a disturbing ring to it.

NHSE abandons patients safety targets
The governments instructs trusts to abandon patients safety target amid record staff vacancies and ineptitude in staff planning.

Doctor burnout risks patient safety
Research reveals the how patient safety is at risk with overworked doctors suffering from burnout. Burned-out medics are also much more likely to consider quitting, regret choosing medicine as their career, be dissatisfied with their job. In a comment piece a GP says her job now is 'impossible to do well'.

Government contracts and tax havens
One in every six public procurement contracts, including those for the NHS, issued by the government over a five-year period were won by businesses with connections to a tax haven.

13th September 2022

NHSE: 'stop negative narrative'
The chief strategy officer has called for the negative news to stop. Well, funding the health service adequately allowing the 50,000 nurse vacancies to be filled would soon do that...and repairing hospitals that are a danger to patients would enable a positive story to be told.

Record 6.8 million waiting for hospital treatment
Long waits for care, diagnostic tests and hospital beds showed that Britain’s new prime minister “inherits an NHS in critical condition”.

Low-paid workforce could leave in droves
Nurses have said "‘We’re not important to the government. We were seen as important during the pandemic, but we’re not important now. We don’t think the government will do anything for us".

Test and Trace contract scandal, list revealed
The government said 'there was no high priority lane for testing suppliers'. We now know this was a lie, there was a fast-track ‘VIP lane’ route to securing lucrative Test and Trace contracts, with politically-connected companies, all who have links to Conservative Ministers and Peers.


8th September 2022

A health system on its knees
A record 132,139, 10% of all NHS posts, were vacant in June. The fact is that the service has gone from rude health to the brink of collapse in a decade; the cause - Tory underfunding. So please don't swallow the Tory mantra they love the NHS, it's a lie. The Truss hard right hate the notion of providing health services free and funded by general taxation.

Coffey: care homes to be paid to take NHS patients
The new health secretary is examining proposals to pay care homes in England to look after patients who are medically fit to leave hospital. Whereas Truss has said "I will make sure that people can get doctors’ appointments". Where will she get the GPs from?

Coffey doesn't have a plan to increase GP numbers
Prime Minister Liz Truss yesterday listed improving access to GP appointments as one of her three key priorities. But, interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning new health secretary Coffey seemed to have yet to research the topic. Still, it got a headline in the media.

Why virtual wards won't solve the crisis
Virtual wards is another example of a headline grabbing promise without the planning and resources to back it up. For community teams to function effectively, they would need support in the form of better regional collaboration and clinical networking across health boards, investment in training more clinicians to work in the community, and closer working relationships between nurses, GPs, therapists, social care.